Rastreo de contactos basado en la localización

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Contactless Location Tracking

videmic Tracing stores with contactless location tracking every stay at an event of at least 5 minutes, the date and the exact duration in the user profile of the app on the Apple iPhones or Android smartphones of the visitors. Without scanning a QR code! Without opening an app! Without GPS!

videmic Tracing uses Bluetooth and WiFi for this purpose. videmic Tracing does not require the COVID-19 notification system provided by Apple and Google.

Location-Based Contact Tracing

The videmic Tracing app can help organizers of film and music festivals, symposia, trade fairs or other events with location-based contact tracing to automatically trace chains of infection of the coronavirus without storing personal data centrally. Visitors who have been at a videmic partner’s site during the past 14 days at the same time as a person who has contracted the coronavirus in the meantime are displayed in their user profile by videmic Tracing, provided that the infection was previously communicated anonymously to the other visitors. To protect the privacy of the infected person, a visitor does not learn when and where he/she has been in the same place as this person.

videmic Tracing does not store any personal data on a central server. After 14 days, the data stored on visitors’ smartphones is automatically deleted.

Digital Attendee Lists and Automatic Contact Tracing

videmic Tracing can help event organizers to keep digital attendee lists and store them decentrally. If an attendee is later found to be infected, videmic Tracing can extract the people with risk encounters from the complete visitor list. These people are automatically notified by the app of the risk encounter and asked to contact the appropriate health authority immediately.

This automatic contact tracing at events can relieve the health authorities tremendously.

Live Recordings

With the videmic Tracing App, organizers of film and music festivals or professional conferences can produce live recordings of keynotes, panels or performances themselves using their smartphone and publish them in their channel in the videmic Tracing App.

Proximity Marketing with videmic offline Video Player

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