Location-Based Contact Tracing

Location-based Contact Tracing

As a videmic partner, organizers of film and music festivals as well as technical conferences and other events, clubs, restaurants, shops, etc, can automatically store the stay times of people on their phones in a decentralized way compliant with GDPR by a videmic appliance, provided that the people have installed the videmic app.

Thus, lists of visitors, guests or customers will be automatically and anonymously maintained and stored decentral.

With location-based contact tracing, videmic saves the dates and the exact durations of your stays in the app’s user profile on your smartphone each time you visit a videmic partner for more than 5 minutes. After 14 days, the stored data is deleted automatically.

If you have visited a videmic partner within the last 14 days at the same time as a person who is now infected with the coronavirus, videmic will display this in your user profile, provided that the infected person has anonymously informed other users of his/her infection. In order to protect the privacy of the infected person, you will not know when and where you have stayed at the same place as this person.

videmic does not store any personal data on a centralized server.