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Live Recordings

With the videmic app, organizers of film and music festivals or conferences can produce live recordings of keynotes, panels, or performances themselves with the phone and transmit them to the attendees’ phones in their channel in videmic during the event. Without setup for a Wi-Fi infrastructure for the organizer! Without data consumption for the visitors!

Offline and Social

The videmic app includes an offline video player that lets festival participants re-watch the live recordings everywhere. Without Internet! In addition, they can post a 30-second teaser of the live recordings on Facebook and Instagram or send it as a WhatsApp to friends to draw their attention to the festival and the availability of these live recordings in the videmic app.

Location-based Contact Tracing

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Increase in Ticket Sales

videmic enables organizers of festivals and conferences to provide the schedule and supplementary videos (e.g. trailers, case studies) in their channel in the videmic app before the event. Visitors of the festival or the conference can plan their participation individually with a favorites list. videmic generates additional leads for ticket sales via the mobile-only channel by linking to the corresponding website or the app of the online ticket shop.

Proximity Marketing

videmic can transmit trailers, making-ofs, case studies and promotional videos from sponsors at film or music festivals as well as at conferences to a channel in the videmic app on the phones of the attendees. These videos do not have to be available on a server for download via the internet. This means that people only receive these video clips when they visit the festival or conference. With this proximity marketing, videmic increases the popularity of an event and enables the organizers to generate additional advertising revenue.