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Our Offer

Event organizers receive the videmic app as a white-label product for the marketing and the monetization of their events. This gives them an event app with videmic technology that is personalized for their events and published in the App Store and in Google Play. The integration into an already existing event management software system is easily possible.

Integration of Event Info and Videos

The event organizer can publish not only the schedule and a mobile ticket but also live recordings, videos with background information, promo videos of the sponsors, or presentation slides in his event app.

Attendees receive the content before or during the event and experience it in real time. Attendees don’t have to tediously record the highlights themselves on video at the event or photograph exciting lecture slides from the screen to immediately capture this information and take it home on their phones.

Automatic Tracking of Attendees‘ Stays

The attendees’ stays are automatically recorded via Bluetooth at any number of areas of 100 square meters or more. This enables event organizers to gain comprehensive data intelligence on their events (e.g. the popularity of lectures or the number and duration of stays at booths with product placements).

In addition, organizers can save considerable costs, as no hostesses are needed for the manual recording of attendees’ stays.

No tedious scanning of QR codes is required for attendees!

Video Player with Proximity Marketing

The ranking of videos in the app’s home screen automatically takes into account the current location of attendees during the event. This means that a sponsor’s promo video can be prominently displayed at the top of the list when attendees are in their lounge or at their booth.

This results in a variety of new opportunities for monetizing the event!

Social Network Extension for the Event

Attendees can share teasers of the live footage and other videos in social networks like Instagram and messengers like WhatsApp. Each teaser can include closing credits personalized for the event.

This results in a variety of new opportunities for increasing the visibility of the event via user-generated content!