Terms of Service

Previous version of Terms of Service of January 30, 2020

§ 1 Contracting Parties; Contractual Object

  1. The following terms of use govern the contractual relationship between videmic GmbH, Potsdamer Straße 96, 10785 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter “videmic”) and the videmic user (hereinafter “user”) for the use of the mobile application videmic (hereinafter “videmic app”). The videmic app is an offline video player that allows users to play videos downloaded to their smartphone or received from videmic partners as often as they like. In particular, the videmic app allows videos to be made accessible only to those people on the smartphone who visit an event or a shop of a videmic partner. Furthermore, videmic partners can automatically store the stay times of people on their phones in a decentralized way compliant with GDPR, provided that the people have installed the videmic app and have switched on location-based contact tracing. Thus, lists of visitors, guests or customers will be automatically and anonymously maintained and stored decentral.
  2. The Android release of the videmic app can additionally transfer videos and status information such as the proximity to another device from smartphone to smartphone within a radius of about 30 meters in seconds and free of charge. Video transmission does not require a network infrastructure (cellular mobile network or WiFi networks), but takes place directly from device to device.
  3. The length of a video is limited to 5 minutes.
  4. videmic continuously develops the services it offers, in particular the videmic app, and adapts them to technical developments. New functions can be developed and existing functions can be replaced by new ones or removed from the videmic app. Accordingly, videmic reserves the right to modify, adapt and extend these Terms of Use.

§ 2 Registration and Fundamentals of Use

  1. The user must first download and install the videmic app on his smartphone or other mobile device. At the first start of the videmic app every user logs in and accepts these terms of use and the data protection regulations. Furthermore, the user determines a freely selectable nickname and names his place of residence; further information is not required.
  2. A minimum age of 16 years is required to register and use the videmic app. The use of the videmic app is only allowed for non-commercial, private purposes. Commercial use is reserved for videmic partners. The development and operation of the videmic app is financed by advertising, especially proximity marketing, and can (only) therefore be offered to the user free of charge. Therefore, videos that a user receives with the videmic app can also be advertising messages from videmic partners.
  3. Any terms and conditions of the user that deviate from or contradict these terms and conditions of use shall not apply. If the user does not agree to these terms of use, he/she must refrain from using the videmic app.

§ 3 Duration and Termination of the Use Contract

  1. The contract for the use of the videmic app begins with the installation and first use by the user and is concluded for an indefinite period. The user can stop using the app at any time and uninstall the videmic app on his device. This contract is thus also terminated. The installation and use can be carried out again at any time and the contractual relationship can be re-established with it.
  2. videmic is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship without notice if the user violates these terms of use or if videmic ceases its business operations. Notice of termination shall be given by electronic message. The further use of the videmic app is then prohibited.
  3. videmic reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation and further development of the videmic app as well as its business operations at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons and without observing a deadline. This does not give rise to any claims against videmic.

§ 4 Use of the videmic App

  1. The videmic app allows users to watch videos everywhere as often as desired. Without internet!
  2. Every user, especially a user with high-quality video content such as a video creator, film/TV production company, music label etc. can make his videos publicly accessible to all other users worldwide in his own channel in the videmic app. In the following, such users are called channel operators. The channel operator assures that he has sufficient rights to make these videos accessible to other users worldwide.
  3. After a channel operator has published a video in his channel in the videmic app, the video is uploaded to a videmic server. After the specified date of publication, this video will be recommended for download in the videmic app to each of his subscribers.
  4. videmic reserves the right to delete a video from a channel operator on the videmic server if the video has not been downloaded by at least 100 different users in the previous 30 days in order to save on operating costs of the service.
  5. Furthermore, by setting up the proximity marketing mode of the videmic app at an event or in a retail store, a channel operator can only transfer one or more of his videos from his smartphone to the users who are currently attending the event or the retail store by device-to-device transmissions. Such channel operators are called videmic partners. To set up the proximity marketing mode, a personalized access code is required, which the videmic team will assign to the videmic partner upon request and upon conclusion of a separate agreement.
  6. All videos published in channels are protected against uncontrolled reproduction outside the videmic app, especially against copying to a PC. For videmic partners, videmic offers an additional digital rights management (DRM) solution to provide even more effective protection against unauthorized duplication of their videos outside the videmic app. videmic partners can also individually determine the period during which their video can be accessed.
  7. By publishing a video, the channel operator allows subscribers to his channel to share and comment on a teaser of that video (i.e. the first 25 seconds of the video and closing credits with a personalized call-to-action individually agreed between the channel operator and videmic) on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and twitter, or send it to friends using messenger services such as WhatsApp.
  8. The channel operator can stop the operation of his channel at any time by deleting his videos in the videmic app on his smartphone. The deletion of a video also ends the further availability of this video for download from a videmic server.With the deletion of all videos of his channel, the channel operator is again classified as a simple user and the above-mentioned special terms of use for channel operators are no longer valid. The worldwide publication of videos can be carried out again at any time by setting up the channel again. The contractual relationship as channel operator is thus newly established.

§ 5 Obligations of the User

  1. The user may not modify, decompile or edit the videmic app in any way.
  2. The user may only use the videmic app for the purpose of creating videos, importing videos from other applications, playing, deleting, and sharing own videos with other users. The user is obliged to ensure that only he has access to the videmic app installed on his mobile device and associated with his chosen nickname.
  3. videmic guarantees and assures that the user holds all rights to the videos distributed via the videmic app necessary for use and if necessary transmission to and use by third parties and that conflicting rights of third parties (e.g. personal rights, copyrights, ancillary copyrights, trademark and trademark rights, etc.) neither exist nor are violated. The user is obliged to clarify the rights to the content and any personal rights of third parties in good time before creating or importing videos into the videmic app.
  4. By releasing one of his videos to other users, the user agrees that videmic may use the video or thumbnails (preview images) of the video to promote the videmic app. This agreement is also valid if the user or channel operator terminates his contractual relationship with videmic, unless the user or channel operator expressly objects to further use after termination of the contract.
  5. Users who are not videmic partners are prohibited from distributing videos that serve their own commercial or business purpose and videos with advertising in any form for commercial offers from third parties with the videmic app to other users.
  6. The user must ensure that his use of the app and the videos and contents transferred by him do not impair videmic, other users and/or other third parties in any way. In particular, the services of videmic may not be used for illegal purposes and/or contrary to these Terms of Use or in a manner that adversely affects the availability of the videmic app for other users. In particular, the following contents may not be used with the videmic app and transferred to other users
    1. content (videos) to which the user does not have all rights necessary for distribution (e.g. copyrights, ancillary copyrights, consents under personal rights and trademark rights)
    2. legally forbidden contents as well as illegal or immoral contents; also references to such contents. In particular, this includes contents which serve the incitement of the people within the meaning of §§ 130, 130a and 131 StGB, lead to criminal offences or glorify or trivialize violence or are sexually offensive, are pornographic within the meaning of §§ 184 ff. StGB, are liable to endanger children or young people morally or impair their well-being, infringe the copyright, industrial property rights or personal rights of third parties or damage the reputation of videmic;
    3. content containing a virus or other malicious code;
    4. personal data about third parties or from third parties without the express consent of the third party.
  7. The user undertakes to immediately delete the affected videos from the videmic app of his mobile deviceand not to continue / reuse and transfer them at the latest when he becomes aware of an illegality.

§ 6 Violation of User Obligations

videmic is entitled to warn users who violate these terms of use and/or to temporarily or permanently prohibit the use of the videmic app (immediate termination). Further claims of videmic against the user remain unaffected. Depending on the nature and severity of the offence, it can have further civil and criminal consequences for the user himself.

§ 7 Liability, Notice and Take-Down, Disclaimer

  1. videmic is not liable for the uninterrupted availability of the app, nor for technical transmission delays or failures. videmic endeavors to correct errors occurring in the videmic app as quickly as possible. videmic is not responsible for the technically correct functioning of the operating system and IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth and NFC radio technologies on the user’s terminal device. videmic is also not liable for damages resulting from failures or delays due to unforeseeable events for which videmic is not responsible (events of force majeure).
  2. The users are liable for their behavior and the content used and transmitted with the videmic app. videmic has no knowledge of the content of the videos or the use/transmission of conflicting rights of third parties.
  3. If videmic is informed about a violation of rights by an owner of a content used with the videmic app, in particular transmitted content, and is requested to remedy the violation, videmic will examine this accusation and, if necessary, request by electronic notification the user who transmitted the video or otherwise illegally used it, to delete the content and to refrain from any further use (in particular transmission). The user will receive the corresponding electronic notification the next time his mobile device connects to the Internet, after videmic has checked the request to remedy the infringement.
  4. videmic is not liable for damages due to the loss of data or contents of the users. Users are solely responsible for the security of their data and content on their mobile devices.
  5. Furthermore, claims for damages against videmic (as well as its legal representatives, employees and vicarious agents), for whatever legal reason, as well as claims for compensation of futile expenses are excluded, unless videmic has violated its obligations intentionally or grossly negligently or violated the rights of the user. The above limitation of liability does not apply to damages based on injury to life, body or health or in the event of liability under the Product Liability Act.
  6. videmic is indemnified by the user against all claims of third parties against videmic as a result of a culpable violation of legal regulations and/or the obligations listed in these terms of use and/or as a result of other culpable damaging actions of the user or a third party attributable to him. In addition, the user shall pay compensation for any further damages including the costs of any legal proceedings and defense that may be necessary. This obligation also exists in the event of misuse of a user’s videmic app by third parties, insofar as the user is at fault. videmic expressly reserves the right to assert further claims.

§ 8 Final Provisions

  1. Supplementary agreements, supplements and amendments to these terms of use must be in text form in order to be effective. This also applies expressly to agreements which repeal this formal requirement.
  2. videmic reserves the right to adapt these Terms of Use from time to time to technical and actual developments and changes in videmic’s business model. The user of videmic will be informed of changes by an electronic notification in the videmic app. If the user does not object to the change within six weeks after notification by uninstalling the videmic app, these changes are considered accepted. videmic will explicitly inform the user of this consequence when notifying the changes.
  3. Any invalidity of any provision of these Terms of Use shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use. The same applies to loopholes.
  4. The courts at videmic’s registered office shall have exclusive jurisdiction for legal disputes arising from or in connection with the use of videmic’s services. If the user has no permanent residence in Germany, has moved his residence or habitual abode abroad or if his residence or habitual abode is not known at the time the action is filed. In all other respects, jurisdiction arises from the statutory provisions.
  5. German law shall apply exclusively. The contract language is German.
  6. These Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy are permanently available in the videmic app and on the videmic.de website.
  7. This text constitutes the English translation automatically generated by www.deepl.com of the German version of the Terms of Use and is just provided for convenience to the international user. In any litigation, the German version of the Terms of Use will apply.

videmic GmbH, Berlin, Germany. July 3, 2020